Turner’s Can Light Covers Prevents Birds, Bats, Wasps, or Any Other Pests Nesting in Can Lights 

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Changing a light bulb is usually considered a relatively safe task. Just make sure it is cool and you are good to go. Outdoor can lights, however, do carry some risk. Just what, you may ask? It is from the wasps, spiders, bats, and other pests which like to take advantage of the safety and security of recessed lights. Outdoor environments in cities and rural areas are prime real estate for such pests to find shelter in your fixture. The Turner Can Light Covers can put an end to this as it is the ONLY practical solution available in the marketplace!

Turners’s Can Light Cover, in the form of an ABS trim ring and a polycarbonate screen, are both virtually indestructible and pest proof. The No Pest Can Light Covers prevent possibly dangerous insects from hiding inside a fixture. With just three screws, the mounting ring fits in place and the cover installed by twisting it into place, so replacing a bulb does not have to be a fearful task.

Consisting of an ABS mounting ring, polycarbonate screen, and ABS trim ring, the Turner Light Cover retro-fits to ANY  Can/Pot light, Commercial or Residential!. It is resistant to heat and rust, while the transparent screen offers protection without reducing the brightness of recessed lights. There is also no risk of disturbing any small animals or insects which may be hiding in a fixture when you just want to change a bulb because they cannot possibly get in! No stinging wasps, biting spiders, or dangerous bats. You can perform simple maintenance without the potential for a sting or painful bite.

Turner Light Covers is a product that is designed to be used with outdoor can lights, its unique design allows for easy installation and removal. There are 3 parts that make up the Turner Can Light Cover:

  1. ABS Mounting Ring
  2. Polycarbonate Screen
  3. ABS Trim Ring

Turner Can Light Covers are proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A.



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